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Whiting davis dating

When the bag was produced as part of the Delysia line in the 1920's, the Swastika was only a design, a good luck symbol. Offered for sale by Granite Pail Collectibles for 0 but now sold.

Martha Sleeper poses for this picture with her Whiting & Davis gold metal mesh clutch in the December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 47.

980472: Whiting & Davis gold mesh evening bag DESIGNED AFTER SCHIAPERELLI Schiaparelli and marked as such.

According to page 114 of "Handbags" by Eittinger, the cooperation between Whiting & Davis and Schiaperelli dates to 1936.

They also created cameos that look red, pink or purple depending on the lighting by using frosted glass against a black glass background.

I had combed through the boxes of lot jewelry and noticed that one of the boxes of miscellaneous jewelry actually had several vintage compacts and a nice box, which, just so happened to contain a gorgeous Whiting & Davis Cameo set! They're also one of the oldest costume jewelers in the country as well. Whiting became a partner and the company created a machine that allowed them to produce what they became most popular for, mesh purses or bags.

I've had several pairs of Whiting and Davis clip cameo earrings come through my shop and just this past week I was lucky enough to be top bidder on a table of jewelry at an auction. Whiting & Davis was based in Plainville, MA and started producing mesh chain purses in the late 1800s.

I first learned about this brand when I started my vintage purse collection.

Cutting the cameo heads out of this material gives them a shimmer and glow that is irresistible!

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The pieces I've seen that I love the most tend to be their cameos.

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