Updating old outlets

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We captured the DC waveform and observed the noise from the nominal voltage measured.The current-draw test had an Array 3710A programmable DC electronic load attached to the USB test cable’s power and ground lines.We were surprised to find no current professional reviews of USB wall outlets. We first looked for units with two standard outlets (so that you don’t have to give up any receptacles) along with 4.8 amps of charging output across two USB-A ports (the same standard we have for stand-alone USB wall chargers, because 2.4 amps is enough to charge most portable devices, including 9.7-inch i Pad models, at full speed).Although we were expecting to find a fair number of competitors to sort through, only one unit met our criteria.If you have a specific color or style of switch, receptacle or faceplate, we will be happy to install them, but they must be available at time of service call.

Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.

With USB-C charging becoming much more common, we also searched for units with at least one USB-C port.

We looked for outlets that adhered to the USB-C standard by offering 5-volt/3-amp charging. Lee Johnson tested the plug receptacles using an Atten ADS1062C digital oscilloscope.

We used a Vichy VC99 multimeter to observe the output voltage of the USB ports as they were loaded.

Starting from zero, we drew a constant current from the port, increasing in 0.1-amp increments while recording the output voltage until the internal overload circuitry kicked in and shut down the output of the port.

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