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Sdsu dating site

The work seems not to have bothered him overly much.He toiled at it for two before he found what became his life’s calling.Male and female prostitutes and their clients were also targeted, and the results shared with both the FBI and the Security Research Staff at the CIA.That the dossiers were sometimes put to political use is undeniable, their compilation justified on the grounds that homosexuals were a national security threat.As Merritt tells it, he accompanied Shoffler to a soiree at the Old Stein restaurant in April, 1972.This was two months before the Watergate break-ins and, according to Merritt, those in attendance included John Dean and a temblor of “military brass.” Elsewhere, Merritt claims that he first met Dean before an antiwar demonstration in the capital.That was the mandate of secret government undertakings to which Shoffler and his cohort were a party – illegal operations like the COINTEL program and the CIA’s Operation CHAOS.In Washington, the Institute for Policy Studies was subjected to surveillance, infiltration, and disruption.

Working closely with the National Security Agency (NSA), Vint Hill was an antennae farm whose classified mission was to intercept Soviet Bloc radio transmissions – as well as communications among antiwar organizations, radical groups and left-wing think-tanks headquartered in the capital.A good-looking kid with few, if any, moral inhibitions, it was apparently only a matter of minutes before he concluded a sex-for-hospitality arrangement with an employee at the bus station.With his domestic situation efficiently sorted, Merritt then went looking for more gainful employment, and soon found it as a post-mortem technician in a local hospital. Removing the hearts from the cadavers of children for use in a government study.Roy Blick compiled thousands of dossiers on the city’s “perverts.” Testifying before a Senate subcommittee in 1950, “Blick described parties raided, officials high and low arrested, and ended with a real shocker,” Newsweek reported.“’There are some 5,000 homosexuals in the District of Columbia,’ he testified, ‘and 3,750 of them work for the government.’” Of particular interest were people of influence – wayward lawyers and politicians, judges and businessmen – and their families.

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Two months before Merritt and Shoffler hooked up, more than half-a-million demonstrators braved tear-gas in the streets of Washington to protest the Vietnam war.