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Nevada has more self-described geniuses per capita than any other state.Oregonians tend to be more gay-curious than other Americans.So the site spun off a new web property called Hello Quizzy that serves as both a destination for user generated quizzes, and an engine for 3rd-party websites to integrate quizzes into their own services.

Atheists have the highest writing proficiency of any religious or nonreligious group.

Other sites that want to implement Hello Quizzy’s engine are encouraged to contact the company for more details.

They will be able to easily import and export quizzes since Hello Quizzy’s tests are based in XML.

This gives Hello Quizzy the opportunity later to suggest how OKCupid might help them find love or lust.

OKCupid is also the first site to implement Hello Quizzy’s engine.

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