My space cams

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My space cams

Your profile picture was the most prominent representation of who you were.

It was your personal brand before it was a via email.

That image means “Tom from Myspace” more than the name Tom Anderson does.

Despite the time-slowing effect that great wealth might have on your physical appearance, there’s no way Anderson still looks like that. When you Google Image search “tom from myspace,” you’ll see a quilt of this one image stitched together over and over.

Ticket availability may be limited day-of purchase.

What if I arrive early or after my scheduled launch time? Unfortunately due to the volume of people and limited space on the elevators, strollers must be left in your car or parked in our designated stroller area.

Since he stepped down as the president of Myspace in 2009, Anderson has occupied his time with a new hobby: landscape photography. The Mona Lisa is currently housed at the Louvre in Paris.

His Instagram bio is “retired and taking photos.” In fact, when I emailed Anderson to ask him about his attachment to his profile picture, he declined to comment and said he would prefer to talk about his work as a photographer (but not Let’s talk about the second point, because it’s impossible to predict what will “break the internet” or quantify the results of such breakage. The Louvre had 8.6 million visitors in 2015, according to a museum press release.

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Select from a variety of options to determine the ticket type, day and time that works best for you. The Space Needle does not allow any weapons on property.