Is tori vega dating beck in real life sociology and online dating

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Is tori vega dating beck in real life

Beck seems to take charge a lot and be the mediator of the group, such as when he ripped up Cat's copy of the Sky Store catalog in Robarazzi to help her move on and gave Jade a time out in the episode Beggin' on Your Knees. , he was the one to hold the door open for everyone and guide them to the truck to escape, and in the episode Helen Back Again he was the one to take charge and tell Helen that Tori should stay at Hollywood Arts.

He also seems to be quite protective of the gang, especially with Jade.

The pair were together for about a year before they called it quits.

Can you believe Bori might actually happen (kind of)?!They're frequently seen holding hands, hugging, and/or kissing in the background while other events are going on.So far Beck has not been possessive of Jade like she is with him, however he can get protective over her since he loves her so much, such as when he directed her out of the classroom in the Pilot because they thought there was a fire, and when he protected her from the soldiers in Locked Up! Sadly, Beck and Jade broke up in The Worst Couple, and they didnt seem to interact much since then.They broke up briefly in Jade Dumps Beck, after Jade became jealous over Beck's friendship with socialite Alyssa Vaughn.She quickly regretted it and tried to get him back, even enlisting Tori Vega to help her do so.

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Although he does not always get involved in drama, he's quick to help someone out, such as when he fixed Robbie's car in A Film by Dale Squires, helped find the letters to spell Ke$ha in Ice Cream for Ke$ha, and did Tori's stunt for her in Beck Falls for Tori.

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